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 Donation FAQ

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PostSubject: Donation FAQ   Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:26 am

1) I have donated but I didn't get my admin.
Please be patient while our staff is working on adding you to our admin list. Sometimes it may take up to several hours depending on the task they have to deal with.

2) I lost my admin! Why?
Normally the cause of this is due to ip change. Please verify that your ip is static. However, even a static ip may change by your host or modem reconfigurations. So please let us know immediately if this happens. We will renew the admin list with your new ip.

3) Can I transfer my admin account to someone else?
No, you may not transfer your current admin account to another person. However, you may purchase at a reasonably lower rate for another person.

4) How do I know what flags/access do I have in comparison to others?.
In console, type amx_who and you will see their names and access flags

5) On what circumstances would my admin be taken away?
The Last Vision Karma's Investigation team (LVKI) that is responsible to investigate and determine the admins who recieved a fairly high number of abuse complaints. If found guilty of misusing their admin, LVKI will take their admin away at immediate cause. Failure to give a reasonable reason, their admin will be taken away permanently. LvK applies strictly no refund policy.

6) Can I upgrade my admin to a better package?
Yes, if you have donated for full admin all servers which cost 15 dollars, you can simply add 5 more dollars on a later date to get a super admin package.
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Donation FAQ
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